Solid 500

The Solid500 series profiles are intended to replace the EcoTherm and EcoTherm Plus series. They are based on a new internal structure concept, based on 5 chambers. The heat transfer coefficient has been improved compared to the specific values of the previously mentioned profiles. One of the main priorities of the company is the safety of the beneficiaries (the profiles produced are not harmful to health) and the safety of the environment, as the products are 100% ecological and recyclable.

The main advantages of the series are the following:

• 5-chamber structure of the main profiles
• Improved heat transfer coefficient: 1.51 W/m2K
• Improved mechanical strength
• Reinforcements dimensioned to cope with any demand, common for the main profiles
• Sealing with two rows of gaskets, grey or black
• Possibility to fit thermal insulating glass up to 34mm pack
• Controlled water drainage system and ventilation in the rooms through the frame and the sash
• Fitting fold with 13 mm axle position

Available standard colours

Premium colours