Solid 400

The Solid400 series has been launched as an evolved version of the EcoTherm Light profiles, with all their popular features: increased resistance to external factors, increased mechanical strength and an innovative design. Solid400 profiles, based on a 4-chamber structure, have been designed to allow easy processing by all PVC joinery manufacturers, with a compact system and improved technical parameters, providing a high level of sealing, increasing thermal comfort in any room.

The main advantages of the series are the following:

• The tetra-chamber structure of the main profiles, 60 mm deep
• Improved heat transfer coefficient: 1.62 W/m2K
• Reinforcements dimensioned to cope with any demand, common for the main profiles
• Two rows of heat-sealable gaskets, grey or black
• Possibility to fit thermal insulating glass up to 34mm pack
• Controlled water drainage system and ventilation in the rooms through the frame and the sash
• Fitting fold with 13 mm axle position
• Clips for fixing auxiliary profiles and easy mounting

Available standard colours

Premium colours